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2024 District 279 Foundation Investment in Youth recipients honored

2024 District 279 Foundation Investment in Youth recipients honored


For 26 years, District 279 Foundation’s Investment in Youth Celebration has honored scholars, volunteers and staff in Osseo Area Schools. The 2024 celebration took place on May 5 at Park Center Senior High School: An IB World School. The event recognized the many achievements and success stories of the students, staff and volunteers in Osseo Area Schools with a dinner, program and performance by Maple Grove Senior High School Sideline Cheer Team. 

Significant Investment in Developing Their Own Talents: Exhibiting unique expressions of creativity or talent. 

Alhassan Bah, Student, 279Online – Elementary School 
Julian Harris, Student, Park Center Senior High 
Michael James, Student, Osseo Senior High  

Significant Investment in the Betterment of Education: Showing commitment to education by giving of their time, talents or resources. 

Re’son Adkins, Student, 279Online – Senior High 
Charlie Brisbine, Student, Osseo Middle School 
Kris Campea, Educator, Osseo Middle School 
Stephanie Halverson, Support, Staff Oak View Elementary School 
Michael Harvey, Educator, Edinbrook Elementary School 
Jim Johnson, Support, Staff Woodland Elementary School 
Nicole Kanz, Educator, Weaver Lake: A Science, Math & Technology School 
Andrew Klaers, Educator, Osseo Senior High 
Alissa Kono, Resource Manager, Park Brook Elementary School 
Catherine Korti, Support Staff, Palmer Lake Elementary School 
Christina Manancero Villagrán, Business Manager, 279Online – Middle School 
Paulette McIntyre, Support Staff, Cedar Island Elementary School 
Jennifer Mitchell, Educator, 279Online – Elementary School 
David Moredock, Support Staff, Education Service Center 
Doris Moylan, Support Staff, 279Online – Senior High 
Alison Murphy, Educator, Fair Oaks Elementary School 
Sally Nault-Maurer, Program Coordinator, Early Childhood & Family Education 
Diane Perusse, Administrative Assistant, Osseo Education Center 
Leanne Peterson, Educator, Rush Creek Elementary School 
Jody Ransom-Daun, Support Staff, Crest View Elementary School 
Sharon Sarell, Support Staff, Birch Grove School for the Arts 
Hannah Schmiesing, Educator, Osseo Area Learning Center 
Kimberly Schroeder, Support, Staff Brooklyn Middle STEAM School 
Lisa Schutte, Educator, Basswood Elementary School 
Marva Sullivan, Volunteer, Adult Basic Education

Significant Investment in Helping the Community: Exhibiting involvement and dedication toward the community and its members. 

Keira Berdahl, Student, Maple Grove Senior High 
Cheryl Berge, Support Staff, Educational Service Center
Excellent Egbele, Student, Crest View Elementary School
Kathy Hoeke, School Resource Officer, Maple Grove Middle School 
Elm Creek Elementary’s PTO Board, Volunteer, Elm Creek Elementary School 
Duayne and Dianne Malewicki, Educator, Volunteer Osseo Area Retired
Debbie Palmer, Administrative Assistant, Enrollment Center 
Robin Thorsen, Support Staff, Park Center Senior High 
Nora Walz-Laidlaw, Educator, Early Childhood Special Education

Significant Investment in Their Own Learning: Demonstrating perseverance, love of learning or pursuit of knowledge by study or experience. 

Joshua-Roman Bautista-Villagran, Student, Park Brook Elementary School 
Samantha Bell, Student, Community-Based Vocational Assessment and Training 
Amy Bosire, Student, Weaver Lake: A Science, Math & Technology School 
Josiah Brown, Student, Garden City Elementary School 
Elijah Bukal, Student, Elm Creek Elementary School 
Maria de los Angeles Camey Castillo, Student, Edinbrook Elementary School 
Massacko Diawara, Student, North View Middle School 
Allison Gomez Rodriguez, Student, 279Online – Middle School 
Xander Saul Hernandez, Student, Rice Lake Elementary School 
Alice Lee, Student, Palmer Lake Elementary School 
Dean Lee, Student, Community-Based Vocational Assessment and Training 
Nicholas McClenon, Student, Adult Basic Education 
Daniela Morales Ramirez, Student, Brooklyn Middle STEAM School 
Claire Murphy, Student, Osseo Education Center 
Nathan Odam, Student, Basswood Elementary School 
Nathan Palmer, Student, Fernbrook Elementary School 
Emily Patrick, Student, Woodland Elementary School
Briana Pham, Student, Zanewood Community: A STEAM School 
Doris Sam-Viko, Student, Garden City Elementary School 
Pallavi Sarin, Volunteer, Early Childhood & Family Education
Jayden Vu, Student, North View Middle School

Significant Investment in Modeling for Youth: Demonstrating through words and actions an example for young people. 

Isabella Andor, Student, Osseo Area Learning Center 
Nicole Bravo Cachu, Student Oak View Elementary School 
Amelia Gamez, Student, Cedar Island Elementary School
Kari Hanson, Behavior Intervention ESP, Rice Lake Elementary 
Evelyn Nagy, Student, Rush Creek Elementary School
La’Marquis Peggs, Studen, Zanewood Community: A STEAM School 
Omael Sobro, Student, Birch Grove School for the Arts 
Mike Stock, Support, Staff Maple Grove Senior High 
Tom Weckman, Support Staff, Fernbrook Elementary School

The program was recorded and will replay on CCX Media Channel 20 or Channel 859 through Comcast Cable. A link to view the recording will be available on after May 15. 


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