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Congratulations to the Class of 2022!

Osseo Area Learning Center
The Osseo Area Learning Center (OALC) graduates celebrated their graduation on June 8, in the first in-person gathering since 2019. During the 2022-23 school year, 34 students graduated. 

Graduate Karrie Haedtke gave the student speech and read a poem she wrote about her experience. Haedtke talked about how much she struggled before coming to OALC, and about how the staff changed her life and outlook. 

Also at the ceremony, teacher Emily Bollinger presented the MAAP Awards and teacher Tory Nagy gave a speech congratulating students and giving them advice for the future. 

"To graduate in 2022 means you will be known as someone who is courageous, innovative, flexible and resilient," Nagy said to the graduates.

Adult Basic Education
At the Community Education Adult Basic Education (ABE) program, student speaker Nery Flores gave a moving speech, commenting on his experience in ABE after moving from Guatemala and learning English as a second language.

The ABE program allows students to improve reading, writing, and math, prepare for the GED exam, earn a diploma and gain certificates for work and promotions.

"School turned out to be just what I was looking for. It was a dream come true. My teachers always offered me help when I was feeling doubtful or confused," Flores shared.

The first graduating class of 279Online closed the chapter on their high school experience on June 12 at the McNamara Alumni Center. 

Graduates Zoe Adkins and Faith Neizer spoke in front of their classmates and families about how much they have accomplished, despite the obstacles facing their futures.

279Online teacher Jess Stewart encouraged students to look to the future and face their fears.

"You chose to blaze your own path, and while it may have been uncharted at first, you chose a path full of possibilities and greatness," said Stewart.

Watch the live stream of the 279Online commencement. 
Watch interviews of grads, scholars and staff (shared during commencement). 
Watch the highlights of the 279Online commencement. 

Park Center Senior High School
The 2022 graduates from Park Center Senior High School kicked off their commencement with a flag dedication on June 12 at Mariucci Arena. Students lead a presentation of flags from each country or sovereign nation of origin. 

Speeches were given by graduates Oreoluwa Fawole and Angela Lathanavaly. Fawole and Lathanavaly conveyed a message of perseverance and encouraged peers to enjoy the present while looking forward to the future.

"Life is full of losses, but it is what you do with them that counts," said Fawole.

Watch the live stream of the PCSH commencement.

Osseo Senior High School
Osseo Senior High School also celebrated their graduates on June 12 at Mariucci Arena. This graduating class was awarded $12.1 million in scholarships, the most amount ever awarded to a graduating class. 

Student speakers, Jeremiah Groff and Aisatou Mane, spoke to their classmates about being the sole masters of their fate and how to leave their impact on the world.

"Never stop learning or being curious. Never stop bettering yourself, and never stop wanting to make the world a better place," said Mane.

Watch the live stream of the OSH commencement.

Maple Grove Senior High School

WIth moving messages from seniors Qamar Andrews and Lindsey Young, Maple Grove Senior High School had the last commencement ceremony for Osseo Area Schools. Principal Becker led the graduates in a class chant and celebrated the accomplishments of all of the groups and teams this year. 

"Today you graduate not only for you but for those before you who couldn't. Every step you take is one step closer to achieving your goals and helping those who come after you achieve theirs," said Andrews.

Watch the live stream of the MGSH commencement.

Watch the June 12 graduation recap video.

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