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Fill out your Educational Benefits Application today!

Fill out your Educational Benefits Application today!

The Minnesota state legislature passed the Free School Meals for Kids program into law this spring, which takes effect this September for the 2023-24 school year and beyond. Because of this law, all K-12 students attending school in person will have a free school breakfast and lunch available to them each academic school day beginning in September, excluding a la carte menu items. 
However, it’s still important to fill out the Educational Benefits Application yearly. There's two ways to access the form online:

The form was also sent to every district household at the end of July.


Why should I fill out the Educational Benefits Application if my child(ren) now automatically qualify for free meals? 
Families who qualify may be eligible for a variety of other benefits. These include free or discounted prices for the following: 

  • Field trips 
  • Some Community Education programs
  • Clubs, activities, and athletics 
  • Instrument rentals
  • Fees, including for AP testing, graduation and more
  • Device protection plans on school-provided devices
  • Comcast internet for home 
  • Xcel Energy account assistance for electricity bills

Additionally, the state of Minnesota uses a school district’s percentage of qualifying students from applications completed and approved prior to October 1 each year to calculate each district’s funding level. School district funding impacts every student: 


  • Class sizes 
  • Number of support staff the district can hire to help scholars (counselors, social workers)
  • Extra programming opportunities 

Please fill out the Educational Benefits Application today to make sure your family can take advantage of these and other benefits! 

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