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Early Childhood Screening

Early Childhood Screening is a free service for children ages 3-5 and helps ensure young scholars are prepared for success as they begin their education journey. Screening includes: 

  • A check of vision, hearing, height, weight and developmental progress.

  • A review of immunizations records and family information.

  • An individual review with parents/guardians of their child's progress and needs. Early Childhood Screening identifies needs that may require special attention before a child enters school.

NEW: Parents/guardians can now choose one of two options to complete their child’s Early Childhood Screening! Choose the most convenient option for your family:

Phone Appointment

  • Parent/guardian requests Screening paperwork for their child. The paperwork is mailed to parent/guardian to complete and returned by mail to the Screening office.
  • After paperwork is received the Screening office calls parent/guardian to schedule a phone appointment with district screener. During the scheduled phone appointment, the district screener will review the child's screening results with the parent/guardian. Approximately 15-minute time commitment. To learn more watch this video about phone appointments.

In-Person Appointment:

  • Parent/guardian requests an in-person screening appointment for their child at a school location.
  • Parent/guardian brings child to school for in person screening appointment with a district screener. Approximately 1-hour time commitment. 

Main Contact

Arbor View Early Childhood Center
Office Phone: 763-391-8777
Fax: 763-391-8762

Willow Lane Early Childhood Center
Office Phone: 763-585-7330
Fax: 763-585-7303

8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

“The phone call screening process was very fast and simple! I called to request the materials I would need to complete, and they mailed them to me with a return envelope. Once I completed and mailed them back, they reached out to schedule a call with the screener. The call with the screener took less than 10 minutes. During that time, we reviewed the scores for my child and any questions I had. The screener was very friendly and informative.” -Parent

Frequently Asked Questions

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